NEW DELHI: If you have been thinking of moving entirely to Telegram and just waiting for a feature that allows you to export all your WhatsApp chats to Telegram, then you may have to wait longer. As Telegram is still to roll out the support. There were reports that the instant messaging platform has rolled out a new tool that allows users to import chats from WhatsApp and other apps.

The new tool was reportedly released in Apple iOS App Store as part of version 7.4 of the app. However, soon another update followed that had all the mentions of the migration tool removed.

WhatsAppBetaInfo, which carries WhatsApp related news and updates, reported that Telegram has silently released an update that allows users to move their chat history from other apps, including WhatsApp. The story also had a screenshot of the changelog of the update that mentioned this feature on top. It also detailed how the feature works and what WhatsApp users need to do to export their chats to Telegram. The tool reportedly was available only on Telegram Messenger for iOS and not Google Play Store.

The fact that Telegram recalled the feature within hours shows that it is still in works. The latest version of Telegram on iOS is 7.4.1. As per Apple App Store, it has the following new features:

1. Adjust volume for individual participants of a voice chat.

2. See active voice chats from your groups at the top of your Calls Tab.

3. Greet new users in one tap with a suggested sticker.

4. Enjoy improved VoiceOver support.

5. Report fake groups or channels impersonating famous people or organisations by opening their Profile > More > Report.